Anapistula walayaku sp. nov. A male palp, prolateral B male palp, retrolateral C vulva, ventral D vulva, dorsal. Abbreviations: A = epigynal atrium; C1 = anterior projection of conductor; C2 = posterior projection of conductor; Cy = cymbium; E = embolus; Fd = fertilization duct; Lb = lateral branch of the MD; Llb = distal lobe of lateral branch; MD = median duct of vulva; Pa = palpal patella; S = spermatheca; Sd = sperm duct; Te = palpal tibia. Scale bars: 0.10 (A–D).

  Part of: Wang S, Lu Y, Li Y, Li S, Lin Y (2022) Systematic notes on three troglobitic Anapistula (Araneae, Symphytognathidae) spiders from China, with the descriptions of two new species. ZooKeys 1130: 167-189.