Tree topology obtained by maximum parsimony in MEGA-X using a modified version of Rivera-Quiroz et al. (2021) plus three Chinese Anapistula species (red font). Numbers at nodes indicate bootstrap support. Symphytognathidae is in the orange box and Anapistula in the green box. Note the paraphyly of Anapidae, the high support of Anapistula in Symphytognathidae, and the placement of Theridiosomatidae sp. (red star) within Anapidae and Theridiosoma gemmosum (red star) within Symphytognathidae.

  Part of: Wang S, Lu Y, Li Y, Li S, Lin Y (2022) ´╗┐Systematic notes on three troglobitic Anapistula (Araneae, Symphytognathidae) spiders from China, with the descriptions of two new species. ZooKeys 1130: 167-189.