Proctodeal wall ornaments under phase-contrast illumination 9 Schievitermes globicornis sp. nov., worker enteric valve, spread on slide 10, 11 Planicapritermes planiceps (Emerson, 1925), worker enteric valve, spread on slide; proximal spiny areas and detail of distal spiny ridges, respectively 12, 13 Schievitermes globicornis sp. nov., ornamentation of worker paunch wall, in bulbous posterior part and narrower anterior section, respectively 14 Planicapritermes planiceps, ornamentation of worker paunch wall.

  Part of: Roisin Y (2022) ´╗┐Schievitermes globicornis, a new genus and species of Termitinae (Blattodea, Termitidae) from French Guiana. ZooKeys 1125: 103-114.