Bayesian inference of COI sequences of some ephemerellid mayflies including Teloganopsis, Torleya and Cincticostella with probability branch support and GenBank accession numbers, or BOLD numbers, in brackets. The color bars indicate the species complex of the genus Cincticostella. The first column (#1) is the species complex following Martynov et al. (2021): red = nigra complex, blue = gosei complex and green = insolta complex. The second column (#2) follows Kluge (2021): sky blue = Cincticostella/g4, black = Rhionella and blank box = uncertain placement (Ephemerella/fg3 INCERTAE SEDIS). Teloganella umbrata (Ephemerelloidea; Teloganellidae) was chosen as an outgroup.

  Part of: Auychinda C, Sartori M, Boonsoong B (2022) ´╗┐Cincticostella ebura sp. nov., a new species of mayfly (Ephemeroptera, Ephemerellidae) from Thailand. ZooKeys 1130: 191-204.