In order from left to right and top to bottom: P. americana, P. arabica, P. lateralis A left phallomere, dorsal and ventral views B right phallomere, dorsal view C L3 D L4G E overall female genitalia F first valve (v.I), first valvifer (vlf.I) and laterosternite IX (ltst.IX) G second valve (v.II) H third valve (v.III) and anterior arch (a.a.) I basivalvulae (bsv.) and spermathecal opening (sp.o.) J laterosternal shelf ( K spermathecae (sp.). Scale bars: 2.0 mm (E); 1.0 mm (A, B, D, F, G, H, I, J, K); 0.5 mm (C).

  Part of: Luo X-X, Li Q-Q, Zamani A, Che Y-L, Wang Z-Q (2023) ´╗┐Redescription of Periplaneta arabica (Bey-Bienko, 1938) (Blattodea, Blattidae), with a comparative analysis of three species of Periplaneta Burmeister, 1838 (sensu stricto). ZooKeys 1146: 165-183.