Principe Scops-Owl Otus bikegila sp. nov. from Príncipe Island, Africa. Left: Adult rufous morph in the typical posture. Right: Adult grey-brown morph in a stress posture, when it raises the ear tufts to increase the efficiency of camouflage. Original artwork by MNC.

  Part of: Melo M, Freitas B, Verbelen P, da Costa SR, Pereira H, Fuchs J, Sangster G, Correia MN, de Lima RF, Crottini A (2022) A new species of scops-owl (Aves, Strigiformes, Strigidae, Otus) from Príncipe Island (Gulf of Guinea, Africa) and novel insights into the systematic affinities within Otus. ZooKeys 1126: 1-54.