Paracerella sinensis sp. n. holotype. A Head, dorsal view (cp = clypeal pore, fp = frontal pore) B pseudoculus C canal of maxillary gland D labial palpus E maxillary palpus (d = dorsal sensillum, v = ventral sensillum) F foretarsus, exterior view G foretarsus, interior view H foretarsus, interolateral view (paratype No. LM6-14D) I comb J female quama genitalis. Scale bars: (A, F–H) 50 μm; others, 20 μm.

  Part of: Bu Y, Ma Y, Luan Y-X (2016) Paracerella Imadaté in China: the description of a new species and the analysis of genetic differences between populations (Protura, Acerentomata, Nipponentomidae). ZooKeys 604: 1-11.