Petiole in dorsal view (A–E) and in profile view of Platythyrea (F–H). A P. tricuspidata (CASENT0281865) B P. bidentata (CASENT0281867) C P. parallela (CASENT0260477) D P. inermis (CASENT0260498) E P. homasawini sp. nov. F P. sagei (CASENT0907117) G P. bidentata (CASENT0281867) H P. quadridenta (CASENT0900569).

  Part of: Jaitrong W, Xu Z, Khachonpisitsak S (2022) A new species of the ant Platythyrea clypeata species group (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ponerinae) from continental Asia. ZooKeys 1115: 151-168.