Eunice dharastii sp. nov. (paratype AM W.41747) A maxillae, dorsal view B mandible, ventral view C subacicular hook from posterior chaetiger of the fragment D pectinate chaeta, chaetiger 200 E subacicular hook, chaetiger 300 F pectinate chaetae, chaetiger 300 G pectinate chaetae, chaetiger 240 H falciger chaetae, chaetiger 300 I falciger chaetae, chaetiger 4. Scale bars: 20 μm (D, F); 50 μm (C, E, G, H, I); 1 mm (A, B).

  Part of: Zanol J, Hutchings P (2022) A new species of giant Eunice (Eunicidae, Polychaeta, Annelida) from the east coast of Australia. ZooKeys 1118: 97-109.