Schematics of terminal genitalia of some dart-sac-bearing camaenids A Cathaica fasciola (Draparnaud, 1801) (stylized pattern from HBUMM8142-spec.1–15, 9 fma; Qingyang, Gansu, 35.738°N, 107.701°E, 1353 m a.s.l.; coll. Sheng, X.-F., 2017-VII) B “Cathaica” pulveratricula (Martens, 1882) (stylized pattern from HBUMM08208), one proximal accessory sac is present at the left side of dart sac C Laeocathaica spp. with two proximal accessory sacs at both sides of dart sac D L. phaeomphala Möllendorff, 1899, without proximal accessory sac and with elongated vagina above dart sac E L. amdoana Möllendorff, 1899, with two tiny proximal accessory sacs and with elongated vagina above dart sac F L. dolani (Pilsbry, 1934), with a proximal accessory sac at the right side of dart sac. Notes: any fleshy septum inside dart sac chamber is not shown; red dots indicate openings of proximal accessory sac. Abbreviations: AS – accessory sac; DS – dart sac; DSC – dart sac chamber; DtC – a chamber containing love dart; MG – mucous glands; PAS – proximal accessory sac; PR – penial retractor muscle; PS – penial sheath; Va – vagina.

  Part of: Wu M, Shen W, Chen Z-G (2023) Land snail diversity in central China: revision of Laeocathaica Möllendorff, 1899 (Gastropoda, Camaenidae), with descriptions of seven new species. ZooKeys 1154: 49-147.