Bayesian phylogram of camaenid species (for detail see in Table 1) based on the concatenated partial mitochondrial 16S and partial ITS2 sequences. The tree is rooted with Helix pomatia. Numbers near nodes indicating Bayesian posterior probabilities and Maximum-likelihood bootstrap values are given as BPP ⁄BP. Black or orange part shows the topology where the result yielded by using Bayesian-Inference method agrees with that by using Maximum-likelihood method or not, respectively. An asterisk indicates the branch is exactly one third shortened in length. Scale bar is for substitutions per site.

  Part of: Wu M, Shen W, Chen Z-G (2023) Land snail diversity in central China: revision of Laeocathaica Möllendorff, 1899 (Gastropoda, Camaenidae), with descriptions of seven new species. ZooKeys 1154: 49-147.