Internal view of penis A, B Laeocathaica polytyla Möllendorff, 1899, HBUMM05437-spec.1 A general view B proximal penis C L. potanini Möllendorff, 1899, HBUMM00633-spec.1, general view D L. prionotropis Möllendorff, 1899, HBUMM05549-spec.1, general view E, F L. stenochone Möllendorff, 1899, HBUMM05495-spec.1 E general view F proximal penis G L. carinifera (H. Adams, 1870), HBUMM08443-spec.2, general view. Arrows indicate the position where two penial internal pilasters fuse into one distal pilaster.

  Part of: Wu M, Shen W, Chen Z-G (2023) Land snail diversity in central China: revision of Laeocathaica Möllendorff, 1899 (Gastropoda, Camaenidae), with descriptions of seven new species. ZooKeys 1154: 49-147.