A distribution map of all known species of Laeocathaica Möllendorff, 1899 except L. anceyi (Möllendorff in Ancey, 1889), L. hisanoi Páll-Gergely, 2022, and L. leucorhaphe Möllendorff, 1899 whose precise localities are not known; white dots: the localities where no Laeocathaica species was ever found B distribution of the new species described in this paper, yellow dots: L. qingchuanensis Wu, sp. nov., green dot: L. zhengpingliui Wu, sp. nov., brown dots: L. parapolytyla Wu, sp. nov., white dot: L. qiminglii Wu, sp. nov., pink dot: L. cheni Wu, sp. nov., blue dots: L. qishilii Wu, sp. nov., orange dots: L. nordsiecki Wu, sp. nov. C distribution of L. carinifera (H. Adams, 1870) (green dots), L. qingchuanensis Wu, sp. nov. (yellow dots), and L. stenochone Möllendorff, 1899 (blue dots) D distribution of L. amdoana Möllendorff, 1899 (green dots), L. distinguenda Möllendorff, 1899 (pink dots), and L. tropidorhaphe Möllendorff, 1899 (blue dots) C equivalent to the larger box in (A), B, D equivalent to the smaller box in (A).

  Part of: Wu M, Shen W, Chen Z-G (2023) Land snail diversity in central China: revision of Laeocathaica Möllendorff, 1899 (Gastropoda, Camaenidae), with descriptions of seven new species. ZooKeys 1154: 49-147. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1154.86237