Gallerucida rufipectoralis sp. nov. 36 dorsal view (holotype) 37 ventral view (holotype) 38 lateral view (holotype) 39 ventral view of 5th ventrite, male (paratype) 40 aedeagus, dorsal view (paratype) 41 ditto, lateral view (paratype) 42 ditto, ventral view (paratype). Scale bars: 5 mm (36–38); 1 mm (39–42).

  Part of: Xu S-y, Nie R-E, Yang X-k (2022) Notes on spotted-elytron species of Gallerucida Motschulsky with the description of six new species from China (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae). ZooKeys 1116: 33-55.