Gallerucida fortispina sp. nov. 1 dorsal view (paratype) 2 ventral view (paratype) 3 lateral view (paratype) 4 ventral view of 5th ventrite, male (holotype) 5 aedeagus, dorsal view (holotype) 6 ditto, lateral view (holotype) 7 ditto, ventral view (holotype). Scale bars: 5 mm (1–3); 1 mm (4–7).

  Part of: Xu S-y, Nie R-E, Yang X-k (2022) Notes on spotted-elytron species of Gallerucida Motschulsky with the description of six new species from China (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae). ZooKeys 1116: 33-55.