Chimena taiwanica (Ono, 2007) comb. nov., male (A, B, E, F) and female (C, D, G–J) A, C habitus, dorsal B, D habitus, ventral E prosoma, front-lateral F, G habitus, lateral H epigyne, ventral I vulva, ventral J vulva, dorsal. Abbreviations: CD copulatory ducts; CS cheliceral spines rooted at base; FD fertilization ducts; MS male metatarsal clasping spine; S spermathecae; SP scape. Scale bars: 0.50 mm (A–D, F, G); 0.20 mm (E); 0.10 mm (H–J).

  Part of: Lin Y, Li S (2022) Chimena gen. nov., a new spider genus (Araneae, Mysmenidae) from China, with descriptions of two new species and a new combination. ZooKeys 1125: 69-86.