Living snails A Discartemon tonywhitteni from near Phra (Buddha) Cave, Tanintharyi Region (shell width ~ 10 mm) B Discartemon paurodeviatus sp. nov. from the type locality (shell width ~ 11 mm) C Haploptychius heliakosus sp. nov. from the type locality (shell height ~ 9 mm) D Carinartemis exacutus from Lun Nga Mountain, Kayin State (shell height ~ 14 mm) E, F Carinartemis sankeyi (E) from Kayon Cave, Mon State (shell height ~ 10 mm) and (F) from Saddan Cave, Mawlamyine, Mon State (shell height ~10 mm).

  Part of: Sian Man N, Siriboon T, Lin A, Sutcharit C, Panha S (2022) ´╗┐Revision of the carnivorous land snail family Streptaxidae (Stylommatophora, Achatinina) in Myanmar, with description of four new species. ZooKeys 1110: 39-102.