Bootstrap support for and against clades of Neobrachinus. Each column has maximum likelihood bootstrap values as percentages for or against each clade recovered in each dataset: the three-gene concatenated matrix (3G), and the single-gene datasets, 28S, CAD, and COI. Positive values indicate support while negative numbers indicate support for the contradictory clade with the highest support. Cells with bootstrap values ≥ 90 are in black, values between 75 and 89 in dark grey, and values between 50 and 74 in light grey. Cells in red have bootstrap values for the contradictory clade ≥ 50.

  Part of: Ikagawa RM, Moore W (2022) Molecular phylogeny and revision of species groups of Nearctic bombardier beetles (Carabidae, Brachininae, Brachinus ( Neobrachinus)). ZooKeys 1131: 155-171.