Map of Peru indicating the type locality of Pristimantis pulchridormientes sp. n. (asterisk), the two most closely related species according to analysis of genetic distances, P. pluvialis and Pristimantis sp. (white square; see text for analysis), and of other Peruvian species of Pristimantis with red shanks or thighs: P. buccinator (black square), P. cajamarcensis (black star), P. ceuthospilus and P. rhodoplichus (white circle), P. coronatus (triangle), P. corrugatus (black circle).

  Part of: Chávez G, Catenazzi A (2016) A new species of frog of the genus Pristimantis from Tingo María National Park, Huánuco Department, central Peru (Anura, Craugastoridae). ZooKeys 610: 113-130.