Racelda ottoi Oliveira & Gil-Santana, sp. nov., abdomen. 37, 38 dorsal view 37 distal portion of segment III and segments IV–VII, arrows point to the dag on tergites V and VI 38 dag on basal portion of tergite V (pointed by an arrow) (dag: scar of dorsal abdominal gland opening) 39–41 ventral view 40 segments II–III, IV, except laterodistal portion, and midanterior portion of segment V 41 segments III (except basal portion), IV–VII. Scale bars: 1.0 mm (39); 0.5 mm (37, 41); 0.3 mm (40); 0.1 mm (38).

  Part of: Gil-Santana HR, Oliveira J (2022) A new species of Racelda Signoret, with taxonomical notes and a key to the males of the genus (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Ectrichodiinae, Ectrichodiini). ZooKeys 1122: 53-79. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1122.84424