Chrysopidia (Chrysopidia) flavilineata (Yang & Wang, 1994) (holotype, male, CAU) A habitus B head, frontal view C head and thorax, dorsal view D head and prothorax, lateral view E pretarsal claw (emphasized) F segment A-terminus, lateral view G segment A8 terminus, dorsal view H sternite 8. Abbreviations: cc callus cerci inv dorsal invagination S8 sternite 8 T8 tergite 8 T9+e tergite 9 + ectoproct. Scale bar: 5.0 mm (A).

  Part of: Ma Y (2022) Notes on the green lacewing subgenus Chrysopidia (s. str.) Navás, 1910 (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae), with description of a new species from China. ZooKeys 1106: 67-80.