Median-joining haplotype networks of the available COI sequences of widespread bumble bees from Kolguev Island and other Arctic areas A Bombus balteatus B B. lapponicus C B. pyrrhopygus. The circle size is proportional to the number of available sequences belonging to a certain haplotype (smallest circle = one sequence). The small red dots indicate hypothetical ancestral haplotypes. Red numbers near branches indicate the number of nucleotide substitutions between haplotypes.

  Part of: Potapov GS, Kolosova YuS, Kondakov AV, Tomilova AA, Filippov BYu, Zubrii NA, Spitsyn VM, Spitsyna EA, Zheludkova AA, Gofarov MYu, Bovykina GV, Bolotov IN (2022) ´╗┐Phylogeography and ecology of bumble bees on Kolguev Island, a remote European Arctic landmass. ZooKeys 1122: 19-37.