Anatomy of Milax gagates. A–F NMBE 510286 A lateral view right B dorsal view C ventral view D situs of genitalia E accessory atrial glands attached with coiled tubules on atrium F stimulator inside the atrium. Abbreviations: a = atrium; ag = atrial gland; bc = bursa copulatrix; ep = epiphallus; fod = free oviduct; p = penis; ped = pedunculus; prm = penis retractor muscle; spo = spermoviduct; stim = stimulator; v = vagina; vd = vas deferens.

  Part of: Schallenberg VM, Heim R, Schneppat UE, Müller P, Rüetschi J, Neubert E (2022) Revision of the family Milacidae from Switzerland (Mollusca, Eupulmonata, Parmacelloidea). ZooKeys 1116: 149-179.