Dendrogram solution for Nesomyrmex madecassus species-group. Sample information in the dendrogram follows this format: final species hypothesis followed by CASENT number separated by a hyphen. Three columns of rectangles represent prior species hypothesis resulted by method PART using two cluster methods ‘hclust’ and ‘kmeans’ (for further information see text). Final species hypothesis bar shows classification of samples after confirmation by cross-validated LDA. Different colors distinguish species. Nesomyrmex flavus sp. n.: blue, N. gibber: black, N. madecassus: green, N. nitidus sp. n.: red. Outliers returned by ‘part-hclust’ appear in grey. Types are marked by asterisk.

  Part of: Csősz S, Fisher BL (2016) Taxonomic revision of the Malagasy Nesomyrmex madecassus species-group using a quantitative morphometric approach. ZooKeys 603: 105-130.