Synoptic illustration of mantle extensions, body terminology and radular morphology of Burmochlamys gen. nov. A right and left shell lobes of B. fasciola sp. nov. B mantle extensions (shell lobes and dorsal lobes) and posterior body of B. poongee C dorsal view of mantle extensions (shell lobes and dorsal lobes) of B. cassidula D, E representative SEM images of radula showing monocuspid central tooth (yellow) and lateromarginal teeth (blue) attached by the smaller triangular-shaped teeth (red). White arrow indicates pneumostome or breathing pore. Yellow arrow indicates a tiny cusp on outermost lateromarginal teeth.

  Part of: Pholyotha A, Sutcharit C, Lin A, Panha S (2022) ´╗┐Uncovering local endemism from southeastern Myanmar: description of the new karst-associated terrestrial snail genus Burmochlamys (Eupulmonata, Helicarionidae). ZooKeys 1110: 1-37.