Representative SEM images of the shell of Burmochlamys species A–C B. moulmeinica sp. nov. paratype CUMZ 14217 A protoconch B body whorl C zoom-in view of body whorl. D–F B. versicolor sp. nov. paratype CUMZ 14219 D protoconch E body whorl F zoom-in view of body whorl G–I B. whitteni sp. nov. paratype CUMZ 14222 G protoconch H body whorl I zoom-in view of body whorl.

  Part of: Pholyotha A, Sutcharit C, Lin A, Panha S (2022) Uncovering local endemism from southeastern Myanmar: description of the new karst-associated terrestrial snail genus Burmochlamys (Eupulmonata, Helicarionidae). ZooKeys 1110: 1-37.