Boulenophrys shimentaina tadpoles A–C freshly dead tadpole CSUFT T10285 (Stage 27) lateral view, dorsal view, and ventral view D oral disc of tadpole CSUFT T10283 (Stage 28) in life E ventral pattern of tadpole CSUFT T10277 (Stage 26) in life; and F ventral pattern of CSUFT T10283 (Stage 28) in life. E and F share the same scale bar with A–C.

  Part of: Qian T, Li Y, Chen J, Li P, Yang D (2023) Tadpoles of four sympatric megophryinid frogs (Anura, Megophryidae, Megophryinae) from Mangshan in southern China. ZooKeys 1139: 1-32.