Maximum clade credibility tree from 9,000 posterior trees generated using BEAST 2.6. Dataset comprised 22 unique haplotypes (from a total of 102) of Astronotus COI sequences. Bayesian posterior probabilities above 0.95 are shown as dark nodes. Species delimitations are shown by method as colored boxes. The number of collapsed individuals is indicated in parentheses and outside of it the locations where they were sampled. The scientific name of the new species is red. The figure was created in R 4.1.1 using the package ‘ggtree’ and the final graphic in Inkscape.

  Part of: Lozano AP, Lasso-Alcalá OM, Bittencourt PS, Taphorn DC, Perez N, Farias IP (2022) A new species of Astronotus (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the Orinoco River and Gulf of Paria basins, northern South America. ZooKeys 1113: 111-152.