Map showing all the sites sampled in this study. The circles represent sampling localities based on specimen records used for morphological analyses, the squares represent sampling localities of the genetic material analyses, and the stars represent the type locality of each species. The colors represent the consensus of the species delimitation methods. Astronotus mikoljii sp. nov. (red), A. crassipinnis (green), A. ocellatus (blue), Astronotus sp. “East” (yellow), Astronotus sp. “Jurua” (orange), and Astronotus sp. “Negro” (brown).

  Part of: Lozano AP, Lasso-Alcalá OM, Bittencourt PS, Taphorn DC, Perez N, Farias IP (2022) A new species of Astronotus (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the Orinoco River and Gulf of Paria basins, northern South America. ZooKeys 1113: 111-152.