View lateral and internal face of sagitta otolith of Astronotus, illustrating measurements. Abbreviations: OL otolith length; SUL - acoustic sulcus length; OCL - ostial colliculum length; CCL - caudal colliculum length; PRD - post rostrum distance; RL - rostrum length; OW - o width; CCW - caudal colliculum width; OCW - ostial colliculum wide; RW - rostrum width.

  Part of: Lozano AP, Lasso-Alcalá OM, Bittencourt PS, Taphorn DC, Perez N, Farias IP (2022) A new species of Astronotus (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the Orinoco River and Gulf of Paria basins, northern South America. ZooKeys 1113: 111-152.