Maximum likelihood tree for the combined mitochondrial COI+16S dataset, 1000 bootstrap replicates, values below 70 not shown. The bootstrap values of ML and posterior probabilities of BI are given above and below the corresponding branches, respectively, for all major clades. Scale bar = substitutions per site. Coloured blocks indicate species groups. Color of branches refers to the major subregions shown in the map, Tasmanian branches thicker. General differences in male gonopod morphology are shown by sketches of the apical region of the right gonopod not drawn to scale. Coloured lines link those analysed specimens that have similar gonopod morphology. Posterior view = post.; lateral view = lat.; anterior view = ant.

  Part of: Decker P (2016) Phylogenetic analysis of the Australian trans-Bass Strait millipede genus Pogonosternum (Carl, 1912) (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae) indicates multiple glacial refugia in southeastern Australia. ZooKeys 578: 15-31.