Comparison of mitogenomes of Eisenia andrei and E. fetida. The map is based on sequence similarity and was constructed using Geneious Prime 2021 software. Sequence similarity is represented by green (100%), brown (30–99%), and red (<30%). cox1 was used as an anchor to linearized genomes. Organization of mitochondrial genes is shown in Table 2. Non-coding region is defined as the region between trnR and trnH.

  Part of: Csuzdi C, Koo J, Hong Y (2022) The complete mitochondrial DNA sequences of two sibling species of lumbricid earthworms, Eisenia fetida (Savigny, 1826) and Eisenia andrei (Bouché, 1972) (Annelida, Crassiclitellata): comparison of mitogenomes and phylogenetic positioning. ZooKeys 1097: 167-181.