3 Ornithoica turdi, wing 4 Lipoptena cervi, wing 5 Hippobosca equina, wing 6 Ornithophila metallica, wing 7 Ornithomya avicularia, wing 8 Pseudolynchia canariensis, wing 9 Icosta ardeae, wing (with the border of microtrichia) 10 Icosta minor, wing (with the border of microtrichia) 11 Olfersia spinifera, wing 12 Stenepteryx hirundinis, wing 13 Crataerina obtusipennis, wing 14 Crataerina melbae, wing 15 Crataerina acutipennis, wing 16 Crataerina pallida, wing.

  Part of: Oboňa J, Fogašová K, Fulín M, Greš S, Manko P, Repaský J, Roháček J, Sychra O, Hromada M (2022) Updated taxonomic keys for European Hippoboscidae (Diptera), and expansion in Central Europe of the bird louse fly Ornithomya comosa (Austen, 1930) with the first record from Slovakia. ZooKeys 1115: 81-101. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1115.80146