Circulocryptus faillei sp. n., ♂ holotype: 10 leg 7, lateral view 11, 12 left gonopod, mesal and lateral views, respectively. – Scale bars: 0.25 mm (10) and 0.2 mm (11, 12). Designations: sg seminal groove; t prefemoral process; b basal part of telopodite; sl solenomere; pr apical process of b; u distal half of telopodite; l midway lobe; s simple or bifid spinules; p lateral spatuliform process; la mesal subunciform lappet; h ventral hook at base of la. NB: the large black spot in Fig. 11 is a condyle.

  Part of: Golovatch SI (2016) The millipede family Cryptodesmidae in Indochina (Diplopoda, Polydesmida). ZooKeys 578: 33-43.