Pectenoniscus fervens Campos-Filho, Taiti & Bichuette, sp. nov. (♀, LES 27764) A dorsal scale-seta B cephalon, frontal view C pleonites 4, 5 and telson D antennula E antenna F left mandible G right mandible H maxillula I maxilla J maxilliped.

  Part of: Campos-Filho IS, Gallo JS, Gallão JE, Torres DF, Carpio-Díaz YM, López-Orozco CM, Arrieta RB, Taiti S, Bichuette ME (2022) Expanding the knowledge on the diversity of the cavernicolous Styloniscidae Vandel, 1952 (Oniscidea, Synocheta) from Brazil, with descriptions of two new species from the semiarid karst regions. In: De Smedt P, Taiti S, Sfenthourakis S, Campos-Filho IS (Eds) Facets of terrestrial isopod biology. ZooKeys 1101: 35-55.