Gymnetron tibiellum Desbrochers des Loges mature larva, head and mouth parts A head B antenna C clypeus and labrum D epipharynx E left mandible F maxillolabial complex. Abbreviations: at – antenna, lr – labral rods, sa – sensillum ampullaceum, sb – sensillum basiconicum, Se – sensorium, st – stemma; setae: als – anteriolateral, ams – anteromedial, cls – clypeal, des – dorsal epicranial, dms – dorsal malar, fs – frontal epicranial, les – lateral epicranial, ligs – ligular, lms – labral, mbs – basioventral, mds – mandibular dorsal, mpxs – maxillary palps, pes – postepicranial, pfs – palpiferal, pms – postmental, prms – premental, stps – stipital, ves – ventral, vms – ventral malar.

  Part of: Skuhrovec J, Gosik R, Caldara R, Toševski I, Batyra A (2022) Description of immature stages of Gymnetron species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Curculioninae), with particular emphasis on the diagnostic morphological characters at the generic and specific levels. ZooKeys 1090: 45-84.