Gymnetron veronicae (Germar) pupa habitus A ventral view B dorsal view C lateral view. Abbreviations: a–pr – abdominal protuberances, p–pr – pronotal protuberances, ur – urogomphi; setae: as – apical, d – dorsal, ds – discal, fes – femoral, l – lateral, os – orbital, pls – posterolateral, sls – superlateral, v – ventral.

  Part of: Skuhrovec J, Gosik R, Caldara R, Toševski I, Batyra A (2022) Description of immature stages of Gymnetron species (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Curculioninae), with particular emphasis on the diagnostic morphological characters at the generic and specific levels. ZooKeys 1090: 45-84.