Notalina (Neonotalina) ralphi sp. nov., male genitalia, holotype A lateral view B dorsal view C ventral view D phallic apparatus, lateral view E phallic apparatus, ventral view. Abbreviations: bdp, basodorsal process; bvp, basoventral process; mdp, mesodorsal process.

  Part of: Silva Pereira E, Oliveira I, Desidério GR, Calor A, Hamada N (2022) Notalina (Neonotalina) ralphi sp. nov. (Trichoptera, Leptoceridae), a new long-horned caddisfly from the Cerrado biome of Brazil, with new records for N. (Neonotalina) brasiliana Holzenthal, 1986 and an identification key. In: Pauls SU, Thomson R, Rázuri-Gonzales E (Eds) Special Issue in Honor of Ralph W. Holzenthal for a Lifelong Contribution to Trichoptera Systematics. ZooKeys 1111: 413-424.