Characteristics of movement in T-maze of P. scaber (a, c, e) and P. pruinosus (b, d, f) at different treatments: a, b intensity of random/unspecific ramble, i.e., reversed value of systematic turn alternation c, d speed of passing through the labyrinth e, f number of self-corrective turns. Treatments V-/V+ mean absence/presence of substrate vibrations and T-/T+ mean low/high temperature.

  Part of: Ďurajková B, Hladký R, Tuf IH (2022) Higher temperature and substrate vibrations as stress factors for terrestrial isopods – model species matter. In: De Smedt P, Taiti S, Sfenthourakis S, Campos-Filho IS (Eds) Facets of terrestrial isopod biology. ZooKeys 1101: 71-85.