Scanning electron micrographs of larva of Mejicanotrichia harrisi Bueno-Soria & Barba-Álvarez, 1999 A habitus, dorsal B antenna C lacunae of abdominal segment V D lateral projection of abdominal segment V. Scale bars: 200 µm (A); 10 µm (B, C); 50 µm (D).

  Part of: Ramírez-Carmona M, Barba-Álvarez R, Contreras-Ramos A, Rivas G (2022) Larval and female descriptions of Mejicanotrichia Harris & Holzenthal, 1997 (Trichoptera, Hydroptilidae, Leucotrichiinae) from Mexico. In: Pauls SU, Thomson R, Rázuri-Gonzales E (Eds) Special Issue in Honor of Ralph W. Holzenthal for a Lifelong Contribution to Trichoptera Systematics. ZooKeys 1111: 355-369.