Interactions effects of body weight and treatment on A the time to produce the first clutch, and B the mean number of offspring in the first clutch per female. Abbreviations: control: never-injected females; NP: non-primed females; LBP: females primed with sterile LB broth, SAP: females primed with 103 living S. enterica. SAP, NP and LBP received the LD50 injection. P-values indicate a significant relationship between x and y axis of the considered treatment (Pearson’s correlation test).

  Part of: Prigot-Maurice C, Depeux C, Paulhac H, Braquart-Varnier C, Beltran-Bech S (2022) Immune priming in Armadillidium vulgare against Salmonella enterica: direct or indirect costs on life history traits? In: De Smedt P, Taiti S, Sfenthourakis S, Campos-Filho IS (Eds) Facets of terrestrial isopod biology. ZooKeys 1101: 131-158.