Pericoma unipennata sp. n., holotype male. A Head B Wing C Aedeagus D Male genitalia E Tenacula. The following abbreviations are used: bp – basiphallus, c r – cercal region, dp lm – distiphallic lateral margin, dp s – distiphallic spatula, f t – feathery tenacula, gcx – gonocoxite, gst – gonostyle, hyp – hypandrium, pm – parameral sclerite, pm j – parameral joint, pms – parameral sheath, s t – spatuliform tenacula.

  Part of: Kvifte GM, Stokkan M, Wagner R (2016) Review of the Psychodinae from Mallorca, Spain, with description of Pericoma unipennata, sp. n. (Diptera, Psychodidae). ZooKeys 577: 149-160.