Carapace and valves of Potamocypris meissneri sp. nov. ♀ A RBINS INV.159060 B RBINS INV.159062 C RBINS INV.159061 D RBINS INV.159063 E–G RBINS INV.159060 H–K RBINS INV.159059. A carapace right view B carapace left view C carapace dorsal view D carapace ventral view E carapace right view of posterior end, detail of A F detail of external surface of A G carapace right view of anterior end, detail of A H left valve internal view I right valve internal view J left valve internal view of posterior part, detail of H K left valve internal view of anterior part, detail of H. Scale bars: 400 μm (A–D, H, I); 200 μm (E, G, J, K); 50 μm (F); arrows indicate anterior end.

  Part of: Szwarc A, Martens K, Namiotko T (2021) Two new Cypridopsinae Kaufmann, 1900 (Crustacea, Ostracoda) from southern Africa. ZooKeys 1076: 83-107.