A tweet including two fish images posted by AT on 14 June 2015. The image on the left shows two adults of Lepomis macrochirus macrochirus, while the one on the right shows juveniles of L. macrochirus macrochirus and two young of Carassius auratus (however, the specimens in the latter image are not able to be identified even to family level from the image alone). The comments are translated into English as follows: “The results of a pool cleaning. I cannot believe the foolishness of the person who introduced these fish into the pool.” https://twitter.com/orca_lf/status/610088107476516864 [Accessed on 25 November 2015]

  Part of: Miyazaki Y, Teramura A, Senou H (2016) Biodiversity data mining from Argus-eyed citizens: the first illegal introduction record of Lepomis macrochirus macrochirus Rafinesque, 1819 in Japan based on Twitter information. ZooKeys 569: 123-133. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.569.7577