Maximum likelihood tree under the GTR+G+I model, 1000 bootstrap replicates. Colours and symbols correspond to Maps (Figs 1, 4). Country of origin given after specimen number: AT = Austria; DE = Germany; GB = Wales; HR = Croatia; IT = Italy; SL = Slovenia. Photograph shows a specimen of Cryptops parisi s.s. from Breckerfeld (photo A. Steiner), western Germany. For full data on all specimens, see Table 1.

  Part of: Wesener T, Voigtländer K, Decker P, Oeyen JP, Spelda J (2016) Barcoding of Central European Cryptops centipedes reveals large interspecific distances with ghost lineages and new species records from Germany and Austria (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha). ZooKeys 564: 21-46.