Bayesian inference (BI) tree with hypopygium profiles of species. Posterior probabilities (PP) and bootstrap values (BP, %) for the nodes are shown under the branches. Carpathian endemic species of staryi group are mapped. Color codes: Pedicia lobifera (gray square), P. staryi (brown point), P. apusenica (blue point), P. carpianica (purple point), P. costobocica (green point), P. roxolanica (orange point).

  Part of: Dénes A-L, Kolcsár L-P, Török E, Keresztes L (2016) Taxonomic revision of the Carpathian endemic Pedicia (Crunobia) staryi species–group (Diptera, Pediciidae) based on morphology and molecular data. ZooKeys 569: 81-104.