Glenea diversenotata Schwarzer, 1925, adult, live pictures. 6 A fresh emerged adult from the log in fig. 2, from Hainan, Diaoluoshan, showing the white pubescence, taken in 2010.IV.23, by Zi-Wei Yin 7 An active adult from Hainan, Jianfengling, showing the yellow pubescence, taken in 2011.V.23, by Wen-Xuan Bi 8 An active adult from Taiwan, Dahanshan, showing the yellow pubescence, taken in 2010.VIII.29, by Yu-Long Lin.

  Part of: Lin M-Y, Lingafelter SW (2016) Taxonomic notes relating to Glenea diversenotata Schwarzer and G. quadriguttata Pic (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae). ZooKeys 586: 135-144.