A Truncatoflabellum truncum, holotype, Eltanin 283, Strait of Magellan B T. formosum, USNM 91757, Vityaz 2635, off Mozambique C T. carinatum, USNM 92806, Taiwan D T. gardineri, USNM 91736, holotype, Anton Bruun 7-3905, South Africa. Scale bars: all 10 mm.

  Part of: Cairns SD (2016) A key to the genera and species of the transversely-dividing Flabellidae (Anthozoa, Scleractinia, Flabellidae), with a guide to the literature, and the description of two new species. ZooKeys 562: 1-48. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.562.7310