Neothelaxes pileata Qiao sp. nov. Apterous viviparous female: 12 dorsal view of body 13 antenna 14 ultimate rostral segment 15 dorsal view of head, with antennal segments I–II and dorsal setae 16 distal part of hind tibia and hind tarsal segment 17 marginal setae and marginal waxy plates on abdominal tergites II–V 18 siphunculus and marginal setae and marginal waxy plate on abdominal tergite V 19 spinal setae and waxy plates on abdominal tergite VII 20 siphunculus and dorsal view of abdominal tergites VI–VIII 21 dorsal setae on abdominal tergite VIII, cauda, and anal plate 22 cauda, anal plate and genital plate. Scale bars: 0.10 mm (12, 17); 0.05 mm (13–16, 19–21); 0.02 mm (18, 22).

  Part of: Jiang L-Y, Zhang X-L, Chen J, Zhao Y-F, Qiao G-X (2021)  Neothelaxes pileata, a new species from China (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, Aphididae, Thelaxinae). ZooKeys 1076: 1-8.