Petta brevis sp. nov., SEM of paratype (SAMC-A094445) A ventral view of whole body B ventral view of anterior end C dorsal view of anterior end D ventral view of posterior end with distorted scaphe E notochaetae F close up of uncini. Abbreviations: af, anal flap (plate); an, anus; br, branchiae; bt, buccal tentacles; cv, cephalic veil; dlp, dorso-lateral pad; mat, major teeth; nec, neurochaetae; nep, neuropodium; noc, notochaetae; nop, notopodium; op, operculum; or, opercular rim; p, paleae; s, segment; sc, scaphe; tc, tentacular cirri; vl, ventral lappet.

  Part of: Zhang J, Hutchings P (2021) A new species of Petta (Annelida, Pectinariidae), with comments on Petta assimilis McIntosh, 1885. ZooKeys 1067: 83-92.